Project Management Like A Boss with Notion

Project Management Like A Boss with Notion

There are many project management tools out there, but for small companies or start-ups they are all either too expensive or too complicated for your needs, or are just plain bad.

Notion can serve as a project management / company management tool for you if you have basic needs and want a tool that is easy to use and share with your team with low cost.

I have put together a template that should get you started, then you can expand it as your needs evolve.


The template features most things you would need to start out with including tasks, people, expenses, invoices, projects etc.

Each database has a default template to ensure the properties of your new entries are at the correct standard (and have nice icons assigned to make sure your workspace stays beautiful).

People Database

To ensure your people stay on top of what they need to be focussing on, each Person page in the People database serves as an HQ for that person.

  • It includes all the items assigned to them, whether it be a task, a meeting, leave request, project allocations and more.
  • Each person need only go to their personal page and see everyone on their plate for the day and week.
  • You as their manager or project manager can also get a view of what they are working on without needing to ask them.
  • You can even use it to track the skills each person has to know who to assign to which project.


Notion has many features that make it the ultimate task management tool.
This includes :

Parent and Sub Tasks

Predecessor and Successor Tasks

Various views on your tasks. Including By Priority, By Health, By Due Date etc.

How to share with your team

Notion has advanced permissions management to ensure only the correct people have access to the applicable pages.
You can share content using the Share Menu on any given page in many ways, such as:

  • To everyone in your workspace — such as for your workspace landing page with news and company wide info
  • To specific Team Spaces — such as projects and pages meant for the eyes of specific teams only
  • To specific Groups — such as those for specific groups only e.g. Executives, Finance, Management
  • To individuals only

Give it a try today!

Notion can scale with your business while giving you the power to enhance and alter how it looks and works to suit your needs.

Click the link below to buy the template today and manage your business like a BOSS!

Link To Template

If you want to roll out this template to your team, use the link below to sign up to Notion and get your people online and productive.

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