Get the Iteration of a Weekday in a Month on a Virtual Calendar

Get the Iteration of a Weekday in a Month on a Virtual Calendar


6/16/20221 min read

There are many situations where you need to identify the iteration of a weekday within a given month. Most commonly though is for the identification of public holidays e.g., the 4th Thursday in November - Thanksgiving in USA.

There are no built-in methods to get this information in any SQL-based platform I have used thus far – if you know of one, please let me know.

So, I created a table-valued function to extract this information from a given Year and Month. However, in order to do this, we need a base calendar table to work with. So, as a bonus, I have included a table-valued function to generate a virtual calendar table we can use for this purpose.

Key aspects of the virtual date table

  • It will generate a list of dates between the given start date and end date.

  • It uses a succession of cross joins to generate the list of rows and then calculates the dates from that. The original idea for this row number generation came from itprotoday.

    • It starts by creating a 2-row table from hardcoding a SELECT that unions with another SELECT

    • From there it CROSS JOINs the table to itself to increase the number of rows by an exponent of 2.

    • This pattern repeats 6 times to generate a large list of rows.

Key Aspects Of The Function

  • The output table provides all instances of the weekday in the month e.g. the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Last iteration as a single row table.

  • If the weekday only occurs four times, the Fifth column returns null.

  • You need to provide the Year and Month range.

  • You need to provide the week day name to extract e.g. Monday, Tuesday etc.

  • This function relies on the virtual date table above. However, if you have a calendar table already, it can be adapted to read from that instead.

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